Ab Energizer

October 22, 2010

 Ab Energizerabenergizer Ab Energizer

Please Note: California Residents are unable to purchase Electrical Abdominal Stimulators due to restrictions put in place by the State of California.

AB ENERGIZER Electrical Abdominal Exerciser was created to work your ab muscles, glutes, thighs and back through electronic stimulation giving you dramatic results in a short time. The secret is AB ENERGIZER’s electronic impulses that stimulate your abs so they contract and relax as if you’re doing a sit-up. Now you can get up to 700 muscle exercising contractions in just 10 minutes and get abs with the toned definition you’ve always dreamed of! The double unit AB ENERGIZER targets multiple muscle groups for a more effective workout. Choose from 6 modes and 10 settings to firm and sculpt your muscles without breaking a sweat.

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